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An anonymous group stepped forward to claim a record $731.1 million Powerball jackpot drawn on January 20, 2021 — the sixth-largest jackpot in the U.S. and the longest roll in Powerball history with 36 consecutive drawings. A group of anonymous winners in Maryland dubbed “The Power Pack” finally came forward to claim the prize.

… The group chose to take the prize as a one-time lump sum cash option, a jaw-dropping $546.8 million, or about $366.6 million after federal and state taxes. The Power Pack member who purchased the ticket had the honours of discovering they had just won hundreds of millions of dollars and checked it over and over. Still, in disbelief, he told his group, “This can’t be right. I’m going to work.”

As the group claimed their prize from the Maryland Lottery, they told Lottery officials that they don’t have any plans to change their current lifestyles. According to the Lottery, they are looking to invest the money to take care of their families and positively impact their communities “for generations to come.”

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