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1996 Joker Night Club: The Night That Rocked

micWayne "Slim" ReidtodayNovember 30, 2023

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1996 was wild! This year, we lost 2Pac. Huge blow to music. But 1996 wasn’t just sad. It was big for tech and pop culture. DVDs? Launched. Nintendo 64? Game-changer. Tickle Me Elmo? Sold out everywhere.

Then there’s the 1996 Joker Night Club. The club had a new look and wasn’t known for hip-hop. That changed fast. Sean Sax, Baba Khan, and MC Slim took over. The place was packed. It was epic.

I was there, MiniDisc in hand. First time recording. I knew this night was special.

This recording captures the 1996 Joker Night Club. It’s electric. It starts with SEAN SAX. His set was fire.

To SEAN SAX, who left us too soon: your music lives on. RIP.

Let’s go back to the 1996 Joker Night Club. A highlight of 1996. A night we’ll never forget.

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